Interoperability Testing Platform

An interoperability test space for health information systems to enable public or private organisations that have developed solutions that implements the interoperability framework to easily verify their conformity with this latter.

Testing Platform

This test space offers to the ecosystem tools to verify the compliance of their solutions with the interoperability framework.

Who is concerned ?

The interoperability test space for health Information Systems is intended for:

  • IT system contractors (for example, healthcare establishments), who can consult the list of IT systems that comply with an interoperability benchmark;

  • private organisations (such as software providers) as well as public bodies in the health and social care sectors who are developing IT systems.

This space helps them to speed up the implementation of the interoperability framework with the help of free tools to verify the compliance of their product.

What is the scope ?

Compliance verification tools allow to check whether a software provider’s product complies with the interoperability framework for health information systems (CI-SIS) and the ROR (Operational Directory of Resources) that is the regional resource directory containing information on the health and social care services available in the regions to professionals when treating or arranging care for an individual. For each healthcare facility, it specifies the treatment on offer, bed capacity and the number of beds available..

How to access this test space ?

These compliance verification tools are freely available on the website (in French) for development teams to use.

They can be used, for example, during the development phase by a health establishment’s IT department to check the compliance of a health document with the Interoperability Framework for Health Information Systems before the solution goes into production.

Are the results public ?

The list of IT systems that comply with an interoperability benchmark is freely available for consultation on the website (in French).

The publication of test results and provision of reliable compliance verification tools is intended to promote transparency and thereby encourage the development of interoperability between information systems in France.