Health Terminology Release Centre

A central terminology management centre to enable medical systems to use and create structured information and common vocabularies

Health Terminology Management Centre CGTS

The Agence du Numérique en Santé has set up a Health Terminology Management Centre (CGTS) responsible for:

  • publishing the various semantic resources (terminologies, codings, alignments) used by health and social care professionals to structure data in the course of treatment in line with the various formats used by industrial companies to incorporate that data into professional eHealth software;

  • overseeing collaboration with the production units that produce these semantic resources, retain ownership of them, and are responsible for their maintenance;

  • providing support services for users of these semantic resources, in particular industrial companies, in partnership with the production units in order to optimise their use in the healthcare professional software.

This centre meets the need for structured and coded medical information amid the plethora of different terminology formats being used in the health and social care domain. Its aim is to introduce consistency into the health terminologies used in France.

The intention is to cut through the plethora of terminologies in use by offering a national portal where users can access services and obtain support. It will enhance the competitivity of French industrial companies operating in the eHealth sector and reduce the risk of them integrating terminology into their products in a non-uniform and uncoordinated way.

Target users

The Health Terminology Management Centre is there to help all terminology users in the health and social care domain:

  • industrial companies and software providers;

  • eHealth contractors;

  • health and social care professionals.