CERT Santé

ANS plays an important cybersecurity role by operating the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) for the health sector.

CERT Santé

On 1 October 2017, the Ministry of Health (FR MoH) launched a concerted campaign against cyberattacks in the health sector by setting up an alert system for Information System Security incidents in the health sector. To implement this national digital security strategy, it is relying on the Agence du Numérique en Santé and in particular its cybersecurity unit, which was renamed CERT Santé in April 2021.

It is an ambitious strategy that has been progressively extended so that security incidents are now flagged throughout the health sector, including in the social care domain. 

The cyber-vigilance portal (in French) provides guides on cybersecurity best practices as well as the latest news. 

CERT Santé

With the support of ANSSI, in 2020 CERT Santé once again boosted its capacities to respond to incidents and actively monitor cyberattack threats. This security set-up continues to play a central role in reassuring the sector, encouraging cooperation and mutual assistance, improving skills and contributing to greater collective resilience. 

  Art. L. 1111-8-2 of the Public Health Code makes it compulsory for healthcare establishments to declare serious cybersecurity incidents



Support with monitoring and handling cybersecurity incidents

CERT Santé supports all health and social care establishments in responding to incidents. 

Monitoring the threat and raising awareness of the cyber-community

One of the objectives of the cyber-vigilance portal (in French) is to provide Information System Security personnel with information on preventive actions that can be taken against cyberattacks (publication of security bulletins on technology issues, security alerts, guides to managing security, etc.). 

Join an active community of nearly 700 Information System Security personnel to share opinions, experiences and feedback on all issues relating to cybersecurity. 

National service and preventive actions

CERT Santé conducts audits of the exposure of IT systems to internet threats in order to assist healthcare establishments in reducing the risk of cyberattacks. CERT Santé also carries out preventive actions targeting specific threats and offers services designed to improve Information System security (of messaging services in particular).


CERT Santé processes notifications of security incidents on working days from 9am to 6pm. Outside these hours, it is possible to contact ANSSI (in French).

+33 (0)9 72 43 91 25