eHealth Agency (ANS)

The acknowledged institutional accelerator of eHealth in France and Europe

Agence du Numérique en Santé ANS

The future of our health model depends on our capacity to understand and lead the digital shift. The ANS or Agence du Numérique en Santé (France’s national eHealth Agency) is on hand to meet this challenge with you, to improve the health system through digital transformation together with all public, private and professional stakeholders and users, and to enable everyone to make a secure and seamless transition to eHealth. 

Our goal & roles

The eHealth Agency is on hand to support the digital transformation of the health system in conjunction with service users and all the relevant health and social care stakeholders, patients and Health Professionals, whether public or private.

Our goal is to become the acknowledged institutional accelerator of eHealth in France and Europe.

Our 4 main roles:

  • we regulate eHealth in France, improving digital performance through common regulatory and information-sharing standards;

  • we operate major national e-programmes to make the public health service more efficient and cohesive;

  • we promote and valorize all eHealth initiatives through stimulation, evaluation and support.

Our structure

The various teams at the eHealth Agency comprise some 170 employees, who have the diverse skill sets that are required to run eHealth projects.

Under the guidance of its director Annie Prevot, the Agency is structured according to the principles of transversality, specialisation, team cohesiveness, customer focus, and accountability.

It consists of the following:

  • the Expertise, Innovation and International Department has a wide range of responsibilities centred around interoperability, security and information-sharing. It contributes to defining the overall working relationship with the industrial players of the ecosystem in terms of joint projects, support initiatives, the approval of digital tools and even audits; 

  • the Digital Services Operations Department oversees projects for their entire life cycle, pooling resources with institutional and regional partners and assisting with the operational deployment of projects;

  • the Regional and Customer Experience Department oversees the rolling out of services and supports the regions and the ecosystem in improving practices and ensuring that services are more customer-focused;

  • the Oversight and Efficiency Department oversees and internally monitors ANS projects with a focus on constant improvement;

  • the General Secretariat is home to all the support functions and ensures joined-up management, especially of financial matters and human resources;

  • the Communications Department (internal and external);

  • the Accountancy Agency.

Our governance

eHealth Agency (ANS) members belong to one of 3 colleges

  • the founding members: The state, represented by the eHealth department, CNAM (national health insurance agency) and CNSA (national social care funding agency);

  • ARS (regional health authorities);

  • GRADeS (regional eHealth support centres).

The General Assembly of the Agence du Numérique en Santé sets the agency’s overall policies. 

The board consists of representatives from the college of founding members, a representative from the ARS college, and a representative from the GRADeS college designated by their respective colleges, as well as the ANS President Dr Jacques Lucas, who chairs the board.

The Industrialists’ Committee is a consultative body representing companies who use the products and services developed or suggested by the Agency. It expresses its opinion on the Agency’s overall policy positions, the specifications envisaged by the Agency, and the products and services that are made available.

Our national and local partners

Responsible for coordinating eHealth initiatives, the eHealth Agency solicits opinions from all relevant stakeholders through the information-sharing systems that it has set up.
At the national level, partnerships have been agreed with the main public stakeholders, including the Haute Autorité de Santé, the Institut National du Cancer (INCa), Santé Publique France and the Agence Nationale d’Appui à la Performance des Etablissements de Santé et Médicosociaux (ANAP). 
In the regions, eHealth Agency connects up various regional initiatives by working with regional health authorities (ARS) and regional contractors.  



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