G_NIUS, the national portal for eHealth innovation

G_NIUS (in French the "The Guichet National de l’Innovation et des Usages en e-Santé") is a web service which guides the eHealth innovators toward the best content and experts available within the public sphere


A genuine facilitator of innovation in eHealth, it is the fruit of a collective effort by the ministerial eHealth delegation (DNS) and the eHealth Agency (ANS) in partnership with Bpifrance. G_ NIUS naturally remains open to suggestions from institutional stakeholders who have a contribution to make.

G_NIUS guides and informs stakeholders in the eHealth sector and puts them in touch with each other to facilitate collective innovation and build on the many successes on the ground. Innovators are quickly guided to the information they need and the right contact person – G_NIUS acts like a compass, making life simpler with easy-to-use and evolving services that are open to everyone. 

The G_NIUS platform is online and will be regularly updated by the Ministry of Health (FR MoH), DNS, ANS and Bpifrance.

 G_NIUS 3 main missions are to help you to:

  1. decypher eHealth regulatory framework;
  2. identify the relevant actors within the eHealth ecosystem;
  3. discover the eHealth financing plans that are available for your projects.
1. eHealth regulatory framework
Discover the practical information sheets for every regulatory framework subject Find the key information for every subject, access to the tools and understand how to work along with the regulatory framework:
Diagnosis the regulatory framework for your project 

Identify with a few questions the relevant regulatory framework for your project:

Orient yourself with the technical doctrine compass

Support your project with the public services made available by the government:

2. eHealth ecosystem
Identify the key actors to support the success of your project

Who do I contact ? When ?  For which actions ? Here are the key contacts to help you navigate the eHealth ecosystem:

Search for the actors that are close to you

All the eHealth actors available within your region:

3. eHealth financing plans
Understand how to finance your own project 

Identify the different types of public financing plan that are available for you (French, European):