The Digital Health Roadmap 2023-2027

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Digital Health Roadmap 2023-2027

The new Digital Health Roadmap 2023-2027 was officially launched on May 17, 2023 by the respective Ministers of Health and Prevention and Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabilities, who underlined the importance of the collective work achieved over the last three years to deploy digital health, in translation of the first digital health roadmap. 

The Digital Health Roadmap is coordinated by the Digital Health Delegation (DNS), in close collaboration with the Digital Health Agency (ANS), the Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) and many more actors of the digital health ecosystem.

This marks a new stage of the framework for action and collaboration between public institutions, user representatives and citizens, healthcare professionals, healthcare structures and digital health companies.

The progress of this roadmap is regularly monitored by the biannual Digital Health Council and is in line with forthcoming European and international digital health initiatives.

This new roadmap is deployed in a post-pandemic context and provides responses to some of the challenges faced by citizens and healthcare professionals, for example, by providing new European services to enable the continuous provision of healthcare.

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The four main axes of digital healthcare

Digital Health Roadmap 2023-2027

The roadmap describes the priority projects for the next five years, organized into 4 axes, 18 priorities and 65 objectives, with time milestones and an entity identified as the main sponsor, responsible for its successful implementation.

  • Prevention: developing prevention and empowering people to take charge of their own health
  • Patient care: free up time for all healthcare professionals and use digital technology to improve patient care
  • Access to healthcare: improving access to healthcare for people and the professionals who refer them
  • Supportive framework: deploy a framework favorable to the development of uses and digital innovation in healthcare