#EU2022FR Projectathon

The event was held on the14-16/03/2022



Objective:  ANS organises every year a european annual projectathon about the Health Information Systems Interoperability Framework in order to offer actors a opportunity to test the compliance of their solutions and to receive concrete feedback, on topics such as:

  • Governance model for health data at national and European level (CI SIS in France)
  • Examples of implementation under the eHealth Roadmap in France (DMP, MonEspaceSanté , cross border care)

The increasing use of health Information Systems not only to coordinate patient treatment but also to assist health and social care professionals with medical decision-making and to evaluate their epidemiology and public health practices, means that health data is increasingly being shared virtually. This virtual exchange of data requires the definition of common languages for the Information Systems handling this data so as to avoid having to develop new code every time two Information Systems want to share data.

The Interoperability Framework for Health Information Systems (CI-SIS) from the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS) sets out the technical and semantic rules that software providers and eHealth project leaders need in order to facilitate the sharing of health data and is based on international norms and standards as well as consultations with health professionals. It takes into account the specific types of usage in the health sector and offers a stable framework for exchanging data that saves users from having to specify which data are shared every time they use the system. These rules are gathered in the form of components that include: Specification documents, test tools, and examples.  

Since 2019, the ANS has been organising projectathons around CI-SIS components to provide an opportunity for vendors to test the compliance of their solutions against CI-SIS components. It is also an opportunity for the Agency to improve its testing tools and interoperability specifications by incorporating concrete feedback from publishers. 

Promotion on a European and national scale: 

How publishers have implemented CI-SIS components in the context of eHealth projects led by public authorities, in particular in the context of cross-border exchanges in Europe, and other examples of implementation at the national level: Shared Medical Record (DMP), MSanté, Mon espace santé.

  • Interoperability of health data
  • ANS


  • Paris Santé Campus
  • And/or online
  • Health software producer  

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